Pastor's Chris & Dee Dee Costello have been at the Church since thier graduation from L.I.F.E Bible College in July of 1987. They served  as Youth Pastors and Assistant Pastors for 7 years under one pastor, and then for 2 years as Assistant Pastors under a another Pastor.

     They have three wonderful children: Christopher, Michael and Lauren. They love the Owens valley, in fact Dee Dee came here in the fifth grade and left the area only to go to Bible College.

  They became the Senior Pastors In July of 1996. Within the first year in this new role, the  Church changed its name from from Bethel Chapel,  to The Oasis of Grace. Pastor's Chris and Dee Preach, teach, and live a message of God's amazing grace. Thier hearts desire is to see people come into an intimate, eternal relationship with Jesus Christ, as thier personal Lord and Savior.  Their hearts desire is to see people enter this relationship and then continue to walk with Jesus, and learn to bring others in to that same life giving place. Chris and Dee Dee are ordinary people who serve and proclaim an Extrodinary God.

All are welcome, come and see for yourself!