Recently while on a training run  in Beautiful Bishop CA, I felt challenged by the Lord to use the Ultra Marathon I was planning on running as a way to reach out and help the Fourquare Orphan homes in Cambodia.

     It is my hope that if you are checking out this page you are willing to find out more about what God is doing in, and through the Foursquare churches in Cambodia and be open to pray, give and maybe even go to help reach these orphans. The challenge I felt from the Lord, (as I was huffing and puffing and experiencing much discomfort) was to use this insane, run to remind myself and hopefully you about a much more real  dis-comfort, that of being an orphan on the streets in Cambodia. 

     I am going to run 100 kilometers in the High Sierra's on May 16th 2009. You are all welcome to join me on the run  or perhaps,  you would rather just join me in giving funds to get more of them into the orphan homes and better the conditions of those homes. One way to do this is  pledge an amount per Kilometer. All monies will go to help support the needs of the Foursquare Orphan homes in Cambodia. There are several links on this page to an e-store I set up. Here you can make your pledge or donation.  The transaction will go through Pay Pal which I  have used to buy and sell on ebay for nine years. I have found it to be completely safe.

     You can click here to go straight to the pledge page, or continue to learn a little about how I came to run the High Sierra Ultra Marathon and more importantly about why I am running for Orphan homes in Cambodia.

     In 1981, while I was dating the beautiful girl who is now my wife, she shared with me her dream to some day run a marathon, 26.2 miles.  At that time I told her she was crazy!  The farthest I had ever run, was three miles while training for wrestling in High school.

     After we were married she invited me to run a half marathon with her. We both signed up for the race and trained for it, but were unable to attend the race, as an important event came up at the same time. A short time later we both ran the Big Sur California Marathon. Wow was that ever hard. We both finished but, I could hardly walk for about five days afterward. 

     In the years that followed we ran about a dozen more marathons. My wife and I were invited to work a shift at a local Ultra marathon aid station.  There we gave runners gatorade, snacks and encouragement. The runners came to our station which was at the 8,100 ft. elevation two times. Once at 26.5 miles,  then again on they way back at 32 miles. I was blown away at how fresh and strong they all appeared after running that far and with so much elevation gain.

     The race starts at 4,425 feet above sea level and climbs up to just under 9,400 feet.  So I had to try it! First I entered the 50 k. I started strong, but not being used to the steepness, elevation, heat, cold, and distance. I hit a wall ( a figure of speech that athletes use to describe using up all their available energy ).  I not only felt, as if there was no way to finish ,but  Is pent an hour or two feeling very lost and began to experience some minor hallucinations. Eventually I made it to another aid station, and with some nourishment, limped to the finish. Whew!

     In 2000 I wanted to train for a marathon  and teach a series  titled " Pressing toward the Goal", at the Oasis of Grace Foursquare church where I Pastor. While getting ready for bed one night, The Lord challenged me to train for, and run the High Sierra 50 mile. Ouch! Long story short, I did well and finished strong. Since then I have mostly run the 20 mile fun run. ( about 75% of you reading this are saying to yourself or out loud, 20 miles and fun should not be used in the same sentence.)

     So now I am going to attempt 62 miles on the same course. ( I am tired already) To train, I have done a few long runs, and have had my share of aches, pains, and reality checks about what I am getting myself into. Not getting any younger is a constant thought with the big 50th birthday coming in January.  I have had plenty of discomfort and pain, both during and after my training runs, and dwell on the thought that on race day it will be much worse. It is at these times that I think  of the tens of thousands of Orphans that still have no home,  over in Cambodia. They live in Dumps, are sold as slaves, they are starving and sell their bodies for a meal, they are abused and treated worse than any animal. They are lonely, abandoned, and with out hope apart from Jesus and those that serve Him. I am running for two reasons. One because I am a nut and I like to, I'm no hero. Two in hope that you will get a glimpse of God's heart for these kids and join with God, Foursquare missions, Warm Blankets international, churches, many individuals and myself to help rescue these orphans from the horrors they face, and give them a hope and a future.  Thanks for visiting!  Click here to give.

Thanks and pray for me on May 16th
Pastor Chris